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2010s V Abbey Villa

This morning we played Abbey Villa at Londonderry Park in our last friendly game before the SSG programme begins again.

The lads started well. Passing was good; movement was good; positional play looked balanced. Abbey Villa looked a decent side too. They hustled and played the ball about well too.

Ards had several shots that were well saved by the Villa keeper. It wasn’t long before we made the break through with a nice finish. Ards got another one to give us a bit of breathing space. It wasn’t long before Villa got one back.

The second half started well and we got an early goal. Villa fought back, we lost our shape and couldn’t get the ball past the halfway line. It wasn’t long before Villa got another well deserved goal.

As the game got stretched we were lucky to break and managed a couple more goals before the end of the game. Our fitness paid off in the end with us able to see out the time by working hard.

⚽️⚽️⚽️ Joel ⚽️⚽️ Cody

Today’s man of the match was given for having great athleticism and finishing. He deserved his hat trick today- well done Joel.

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