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2011s V Castle

This week we arranged a friendly against a very talented and organised Castle team so the boys yet again had to come into another game with the right attitude, the game started of as expected it was end to end with both teams playing well, our boys stood up to the challenge and never gave up on any loose ball or tackle, attitudes of our boys has been exceptional this season they are always trying there best to play the way we ask of them and from our Gk, defence, midfield and forwards the talent has always been there but now these group of boys are putting the work in and adding that to there game which is a big bonus, we are pressing teams consistently and not letting them play then getting onto the ball ourselves and creating plenty of chances, games like today show us how far we have come on and what the boys need to work on, the game ended in a draw which was a fair result as both teams are full of talented young players but the result is not important seeing the boys walking off the pitch after a tough game with smiles on there faces is important, another game under the belts for us and onto the next 1 well done boys, special mention to our M.O.TM

Tyler this boy doesn't know the meaning of give up with some super defending and I lost count of how many important tackles he put in today the wee man's a heart like a lion well done Tyler well deserved 🔴🔵⚽

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