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2011s v Rangers Academy Girls

Today we took the 2011 boys away to play Rangers academy 2010 Girls squad up at Stormont, this was going to be a tough test for our boys and we would have to be on top form to get any kind of a result, the first game we started off really sharp and started to create chances early on, with us our boys on the front foot and creating plenty of chances it was only a matter of time before the goals came, some excellent link up play between harry and Oliver got us not just 1 but 2 goals in the space of a couple of mins the boys worked really hard to get the ball back and that came from the defence right through to the midfielders and forwards, today we kept our shape and with doing that the boys realised they had more space and time to play when they did, it was pleasing to see the boys playing with confidence and going on to score a couple more goals finishing the 1st game off winning 4-2

2nd game was def a game of two halves we went into the game full of confidence but this time the opposition matched us for work rate so we had to step it up an extra gear but by the time we realised that we were 2 nil down, now it was time to up there games and boy did they do that, I've been saying for weeks about this group of boys attitudes and today was a perfect example of what I've been praising them for, we dug in deep and with that never say die attitude we have we went onto having a great come back and won the game 3-2, we are so proud of the boys and yet again we go away from another match learning something new about ourselves, well done boys 🔴🔵

1st game Oliver ⚽⚽ Harry⚽ Jakey⚽

2nd game Harry ⚽️⚽️ Lucas⚽

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