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Academy Open Training Sessions

Ards F.C Academy

Open training session

Dates Monday and Wednesday 5th to 28th August 2019

Londonderry park

Monday night

u17/ 03s 8-9.30pm

U16/04s 8-9pm

U15 / 05s 8-9pm

U13/ 07s 8-9 pm

Wednesday night

u17 / 03s 8-9.30pm

U16 / 04s 6.30-8pm

U15 / 05s 6.30-8pm

U13 / 07s6.30-8pm

U12 / 08s 6.30-8pm

U10 / 10s 6.30-8pm

U9 / 11s6.30-8pm

U8 / 12s 6.30-8pm

U7 / 13s 6.30-8pm

U6 / 15s 6.30-8pm

For more information : norman.ardsacademy@gmail.com

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